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Rosemary Zibart

Playwright - Author - Journalist


“Being forced to leave home, Werner knew, was nothing new. History books are filled with stories of people who are forced to leave one country and go to another. Disease, hunger, war, poverty, fires, earthquakes – those are some of the reasons people go – ending one story and beginning another. People often leave with a shadow of unhappiness in their hearts and a gleam of hope in their eyes. Indeed for Werner, one nightmare was over; yet he had no idea what lay ahead. . . .”



Rosemary Zibart has given us a great gift in this beautifully crafted compelling story of survival through hope, love, and resourcefulness. From a German orphanage to the grimy streets of New York, young Werner embarks on his own journey of discovery that includes not only the urban landscape of the New World but the terra infirma of the human heart..."

Lynn Stegner, author "Because a Fire was In My Head"


I have a grandma whoBooks for Young People

I have Grandma who...

For Children Ages 2 -10

Who are today's grandmothers? Today's grandmothers are bold, imaginative, talented women who do what they love: painting, cooking, gardening, biking, exploring and so forth...An love sharing what they enjoy with those they most cherish - their grandchildren!!

I have a Grandma who was published 2014 by Azro Press Santa Fe with illustrations by Valori Herzlich.

True BritTrue Brit: Beatrice Arrives

a privileged English girl, Beatrice Agatha Sims escapes war-torn London in 1941 and ends up in the dusty town of Santa Fe with a no-nonsense public health nurse named Clem.

True Brit is being published Summer, 2011 by Artemisia Publishers with illustrations by George Lawrence.

NM-AZ Book Award for Historical Fiction
Mom's Choice Award
Silver Nautilus




Forced JourneyForced Journey: The Saga of Werner Berlinger

A twelve-year-old Jewish boy flees Nazi-held Germany in 1939 to find a safe haven in the United States. Werner's journey takes him across New York City from Second Avenue to Park Avenue to Harlem as he struggles to make a new life for himself and bring his family to safety as well.

Forced Journey is the second in The Far and Away Series about children displaced during the turbulent years 1939-1945.

Silver Nautilus Award


The Last Day of My Life

sixteen-year-old Nina awakes from a horrifying nightmare in which she dies – as a single snowy day plays out hour-by-hour, Nina wonders if she truly will die...

The Dark is My Friend

The Dark is My FriendThe Dark is my Friends The Dark is My FriendThe Dark is my Friend

was written as a bedtime story to give young children an appreciation of the beautiful night sky -- instead of being afraid of the dark, youngsters can enjoy the dark...The story is wondrously illustrated by Elena Matera. (click images to enlarge)

Kit Coyote

Kit Coyote CoverKit Coyote insideKit Coyote page 3Kit coyote page 4

was created as a story for youngsters entering the foster care system to give them an idea of what's happening -- why they are there, who they are with and what their future may hold...At present the story is awaiting funding so it can be distributed to children, ages 3-11, in the New Mexico foster care system and elsewhere. The story is imaginatively illustrated by Hollis Wood.


Memberships and Awards

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and Dramatist Guild

“Angel in Adoption” - Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, 2006

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