Young Adult Books

Beatrice On Her Own

Having fled the bombing in London and landed in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico, Beatrice Sims has learned to appreciate a radically different setting and culture. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor forces Beatrice to become more independent and resourceful. Soon the 13-year-old girl finds herself battling local fears and anger when a Japanese Internment Camp is constructed on the edge of town.

A stand-alone novel and sequel to the popular True Brit – both books are inspired by true events. Winner of the New Mexico Book Award for Historic Fiction; 1st Place, CIPA EVVY Awards; 3rd Place IPPY Awards, and a Silver Moonbeam Award.


I loved this book and its hero—smart, kind, 13-year old Beatrice. She’s a first-rate narrator for an intriguing story inspired by little-known real events. Her non-stop adventure includes dogs, Japanese internees, spies and more. This wonderful, uplifting novel will delight young readers and their parents.
Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman's Daughter

True Brit

In 1940 Beatrice Sims flees the bombing in London and travels half-way round the world to sunny Santa Fe. The spoiled 12-year-old is hosted by a no-nonsense public health nurse, Clementine Pope “Clem.” With Clem’s help, she learns how to be resilient and resourceful – traveling to a remote Native pueblo when a diphtheria epidemic threatens and helping save a baby’s life.

Inspired by true events, True Brit won the New Mexico Book Award for Historic Fiction, a Mom’s Choice Award and a Silver Nautilus Award. The book’s now adapted into an award-winning screenplay (see Screenplays).

Forced Journey

Escaping Nazi Germany in 1939, Werner struggles to create a new life in New York City. The 12-year-old has one goal – to get a foothold in America so that his father and little sister can follow. This heartfelt, action-packed story was inspired by true accounts of Jewish children who fled Nazi-held Europe and came to the United States.

Winner New Mexico Book Award for Historic Fiction and a Silver Nautilus Award; the book’s now adapted into an award-winning screenplay (see Screenplays).
These two picture books could be side-by-side also – if they fit with pictures.

Children’s Books

I Have a Grandma Who

This charming picture book celebrates today’s grandmothers who share what they love: painting, cooking, gardening, hiking, biking, etc. with those they cherish – their grandchildren! Filled with delightful pictures by Valori Herzlich, this picture book portrays the special bond between grandmothers and grandchildren.

Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup

What does it feel like to enter foster care? Told from a child’s point of view, Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup answers many questions: Where are my parents? Do they love me? Why can’t I live with them? What’s going to happen to me? This bright, appealing story encourages children to adjust to new situations, trust helpful adults, express their feelings and believe in themselves.

“Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup is a beautifully illustrated story that will be treasured by child therapists, social workers, foster parents and others who help children heal and grow from family disruptions.” (Deborah J. Tharinger, PhD, Author, Therapeutic Assessment Institute)

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