Full-Length Plays

The Jewel in the Manuscript

All Too Human

The Jewel in the Manuscript

Falling in love, Fyodor Dostoevsky discovers possibility for redemption.

Full production, Adobe Theater, Albuquerque, November, 2014
Full production, W21 Theater, Santa Fe, February 2015
Winner, Icicle Creek Theater Festival – workshop and reading at Seattle ACT Theater
Finalist, Long Beach Playhouse
Finalist, Phoenix Theater New Plays Fest, Phoenix, AZ
Finalist, Firestone New Play Festival
Semi-finalist, Harriet Lake Festival of New Play
Semi-Finalist, Ashland Theater Festival

All Too Human

Frederick Nietzsche and his friend, Paul Rée, chase bold, beautiful Lou Salomé in 19th century Rome.


Semi-Finalist, O’Neill National Play Conference
Full Production, W21 Theater, Santa Fe, 2016

City Mice

Two brothers hassle over divergent pasts as they contemplate waning futures aided by pot and poetry.

Playwrights Lab, 2018 William Inge Theater Festival
Finalist, Texas Non-Profit Theaters Fest
Reading, Santa Fe Playwrights Forum
Reading, Aux Dog Theater, Albuquerque
Reading, Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival


Returning home to sit shiva for her father, an Israeli-American woman uncovers emotional chaos.

Full Production, Broadway Bound Theater Festival, August 2018, New York City
Reading, Baltimore Playwrights Festival, March 2017
Reading, W21, Santa Fe, New Mexico



“Zibart’s play is elegant and deeply philosophical, as she gracefully weaves Dostoyevsky’s words with her own, probing ideas that claw at the extremes of human experience, and question the nature of the sacred and the profane within our lives….To pose these questions so directly within a work of fiction without resorting to lecturing or preachiness is remarkable. The characters grapple with these weighty ideas about our existence and relationship with God. The questions arise as both try in their own ways to relate to each other and to the world…without resorting to preachiness is remarkable.” (Alibi)

“Ms. Zibart’s writing is honest; poetic at times and raw at others…The script has been winning awards, and rightfully so. It is beautifully crafted and emotionally mature.” (Broadway World)