Shorts (10 minutes) & Plays for Youth




A woman seeking a father for her son must decide if the man merits being a dad.

Benchwarmers, Santa Fe Playhouse
“Short and Sweet Play Fest; Sydney, Australia
4th Annual Denver Showcase of Western Playwrights
Translated and performed, Tbilisi, Georgia


A female playwright discovers to her horror that a glowing theatre review totally misses the point of her play!

Featured in the 18 DAYS FESTIVAL
Sponsored by the New Mexico Women in the Arts
Santa Fe Theater Walk
Flagstaff Little Theater


A menopausal woman struggles with ambivalence about her fickle Libido in the form of a sexy young vamp.

Benchwarmers, Santa Fe Playhouse
From A to Zibart, Adobe Rose, Albuquerque

The Call

Benchwarmers, Santa Fe Playhouse
Voices Fire Festival (UNM)


An innovative solution to a tough issue – the future of the State of Israel.

Benchwarmers, Santa Fe Playhouse

A Lion’s Tale

An escaped lion spurs existential angst in a married couple.

Santa Fe Theater Walk
Santa Cruz Playhouse 10 x 10

Where’s Kelsey?

A gay twist on “look who’s coming home for dinner.”

Benchwarmers, Santa Fe Playhouse


A couple contemplates divorce during morning floss.

From A to Zibart, Adobe Rose Theater, Albuquerque

A Quickie, for God’s Sake

For God’s Sake – a couple debates careers and copulation.

From A to Zibart, Adobe Rose Theater, Albuquerque

Babe, Inc

(45 minutes)

A man falls for what he believes is a robotic doll only to discover otherwise.

Winner, Reading, North American Actors Association, London
Winner, Last Frontier Play Festival
Winner, full production, Strawberry One Act Festival, NYC
5th Place, Windsor Play Festival, Kenneth Branagh, Finalist judge
Published, Best of the Strawberry Festival, Volume V

Babe, Inc., A Quickie and other short plays.

Youth Plays

My Dear Doctor

(Full Length)
Based on the life of the first woman physician Elizabeth Blackwell. As Dr. Blackwell struggles to establish a medical practice in New York City in 1856, she also adopts an insecure young orphan, Kitty. Will she succeed as a doctor and as a single mom?

Tied for 2nd Place, Jackie White Memorial Children’s Playwriting Contest
Finalist, Anna Zornio Children’s Theater Playwriting Award
Finalist, New Plays for Young Audiences, Tisch School for the Arts, NYC

Never Ever Land

(40 minutes)
Two children abandoned by their mother on the edge of the desert discover Dorothy’s silver slipper that she dropped on her way back from Oz and try to wish themselves back to Oz and out of their scary predicament.

Runner-up, Beverley Hills Theater Guild Children’s Theater Contest

Get It?

(40 minutes)
Young people wrangle with the issue of sexual harassment.

Numerous performances Santa Fe middle schools